With Vicksburg Gone, Confederacy Might As Well Quit

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Winchester Hospitle July the 16, 1863

Dear wife I seat my self down to let you know that I am not well at present but I hope those few lines will find you and family well. I taken the fever in a few days after the gettysburg fight. wee left about dark an march all night. the mud an water was almost needeep an then wee stop the nesct day and ladown in the water and I taken the fever and was sent to wincheser. but I hope it waunt last long. the hardship wee have to go threw is enough to kill a mud turple. I don’t know any thing about the ridgement at this time. they have had a nother battle since I left them but I don’t how they made it. I cant hear from them. news reach hear that vicksburg has gon up the spout. if it has wee had just as well quit and give up the confedracy

I don’t know that I have any thing more of any importance to write. I have no idy the war will end in the next five year to come. direct you letters to richmond wee can get them beter from ther than any wher else.

I don’t know wher you can read this or not. I am so week my hands trembles so bad so I will close by saing I remain your loving husband untel death.

J. B. Crawford
To Martha A. Crawford
fare well for this time

John B. Crawford Papers, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson.