No Letters From The Girls

Return to Mississippi Soldiers in the Civil War


January 27, 1863

Ma tell Miss Lucy Hunter that I am in fine health. I have not heard from her in sometime and would like to hear from her. Lucy is my only sweetheart at least my only friend that I can depend on and I shal remember her at all hazards, glad would I be if I could see her. I hope that I will some day. I may never, but there is hopes yet I hope that Lucy is the same by me if not I can not help it though. I would not know how I would feel but never mind that. Ma tell Cousin Add that I intend to give her a good scolden when I see her for she has not wrote to me since I left there and I think she has done wrong.

Jonathan Clark to Margery Rogers Clark,

Clark Papers, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson.