Marching Through Mississippi

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Grenada, Yalobusha County, Mississippi April 28, 1863

Dear Mother,

Yours of April 5th came to hand while at Greenwood but we were making preparations to leave and had not time to answer. We were two days marching from Greenwood to Duck Hill ten miles below this place on the railroad. Our knapsacks were very heavy and we were pretty well worn out when we arrived at our destination. We came from Duck Hill to Grenada on the railroad. The whole of our Brigade were on the march numbering about four Regiments, one Battalion, and a company of Artillery, commanded by General Featherston, our Brigadier. We lost a great many of our things at Greenwood on account of not having transportation furnished us for them. I like this part of Mississippi much better than any part I have seen yet. It resembles our country in some respects. There are some fine timber and the land generally sandy. The water is very good. I would like very much to remain here through the summer season for it is much healthier than anywhere on the river, though we do not expect to remain here any length of time. Abiezer is still on Deer Creek. I heard from him yesterday. He was well. I am sorry to hear that you will have to buy corn. I am afraid that you all eat too much. You ought to learn to live on half rations like the soldiers. I would like very much to go home now to get some milk and butter. We have to pay a dollar per gallon for milk and dollar and $.25 for butter, and find it very scarce at that price. I must come to a close. My respects to all.

Your son,

Daniel Huey Ramsey, Co. A, 3rd Mississippi

Andrew W. Ramsey Papers, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson.