High Prices For Clothes In The Cold Climate Of Virginia

Return to Mississippi Soldiers in the Civil War


Camp near Centerville Sept. 22nd, 1861

Father I take the present opportunity of dropping you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and I hope that these few lines may reach you enjoying the same. I received your letter on Friday and was glad to hear that you were all well. I recd all of the clothes that you sent me. I will try to get me an overshirt up here. clothing is mighty high up here about three times as high as at C. S. [Crystal Springs] if you can get a chance to send me some flannel drawers I would like for you to do so as I cannot get them here and I cannot stand it up here without as it is getting very cold up here. I was on guard last night and I had two coats and was cold then. as for money I do not need any yet. the government payed us a few weeks ago. If when I need any I will let you know. there is not much news up here. we cannot get any where to hear any thing. as for a fight I do not know when there will be any. they may be fighting know. as I have hourn some twenty guns fired since twelve o’clock and still continue to fire in the direction of Leesburg we are getting along tolerbly to the enemy. we about twenty five miles from the city of Washington. we have to move about once every week or two. we moved twice this last week and we have to pack all of our baggage. the health of the regiment is tolerably healthy at this time. there is but six or eight sick in our company & will close as I have nothing more at present. give my love to all relatives and friends.
I remain your son until death.

J. J. Wilson

J. J. Wilson Letters; Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson.