Despite Troubles, War Must Go On

Return to Mississippi Soldiers in the Civil War


February 29, 1864

I will again attempt to write to you as I have a chance to send it to you by hand. I had hopt By this time that I would have goton a letter from you by mail or hand but I have not had a letter from you for 4 weeks & then It was nerly a month old. I always look for a letter when any of the Boys comes from home but never get one. all of the Boys gets letters but me. We have lost all hops of geting any thing by mail for from what I can learn all the yankees has to Do is to start after our army & they will keepe backing just as long as they follow our men. I think our men there will by next fall fallback to Virginia & claime pertection under Lee & his army. the Boys that comes from home says that some of the citzens at home is Badly whipt & is willing to end the ware on any terms. the very men that was the first to commence the ware I ware not much for the ware at first but we have got into it — we must fite it out Cost what it may. but it wont bee long the way things is going on before we will be forst to stop it— We can but hope for the Better.

Alfred Jones to wife, John Bettersworth and James W. Silver, eds., Mississippi in the Confederacy, p. 168