Army Order To Control Slaves

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Head Quarters Dist. Dept. No. 1
Tangipahoa, La. July 4, 1862
General Orders
No. 4

The passing of negroes slaves or free, towards or into the enemys lines is positively prohibited without a written pass from the Master (if a slave) countersigned and approved by the Provost Marshall or highest Military authority of the Parish to which he belongs. If free in addition to the permission of the local authorities, the approval of the Provost Marshall General at these Head Quarters will be required.

Every Negro slave or free who shall violate this order will be shot in the attempt, unless he or she shall immediately submit to arrest when making an attempt to pass the lines or beyond the prescribed limits indicated by our advanced pickets and Guards.

All negros slave or free who come from the enemy within our lines will be taken immediately under charge by Pickets and Guards and delivered to the nearest Provost Marshall for examination and detention who will report each case without delay to these Head Quarters.

By Command of
Brig. Genl. Ruggles
L. D. Sandidze C. S. A.
A. A. A Ispr. Genl.

Lusk Family Papers; Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson.