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Davis, Jefferson
by Lynda Lasswell Crist, editor and project director, The Papers of Jefferson Davis at Rice University.
Depression and Hard Times in Mississippi: Letters from the William M. Colmer Papers
by Kenneth McCarty, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Eastland, James O.
Chester “Bo” Morgan, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Economic Development in the 1930s: Balance Agriculture with Industry
by Connie Lester, Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
Elzy, Ruby: A Mississippi Jewel
by David E. Weaver, Ohioana Library, Columbus, Ohio.
Equal Rights Amendment and Mississippi
by Marjorie Julian Spruill, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, and Jesse Spruill Wheeler.
Evers, Medgar
by Dernoral Davis, Ph.D., Jackson State University.
Farmers, the Populist Party, and Mississippi (1870–1900)
by Kenneth G. McCarty, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Faulkner, William: A Vast and Enduring Monument: Faulkner’s Literary Reputation
by Jay Watson, Ph.D, University of Mississippi.
Federal Census
Lydia Quarles, senior policy analyst, John C. Stennis Institute of Government, Mississippi State University.

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