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Lumber Industry, the Growth of
by Tony Howe, president, Mississippi Great Southern Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.
Making Ice in Mississippi
Elli Morris is the author of Cooling the South: The Block Ice Era, 1875-1975.
Mission Churches and Multi-Ethnicity on the Mississippi Frontier
Otis W. Pickett is an assistant professor of history and director of the B.S. Ed. programs in social studies education at Mississippi College.
Mississippi Constitution of 1890 as originally adopted
John Ray Skates, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Mississippi University for Women
Bridget Smith Pieschel, Ph.D., professor of English, Mississippi University for Women.
Mississippi's Territorial Years: A Momentous and Contentious Affair (1798-1817)
By J. Michael Bunn, executive director, Historic Chattahoochee Commission, and Clay Williams, director, Old Capitol Museum, Jackson, Mississippi.
Montgomery, Isaiah T., 1847-1924 (Part I)
by Neil R. McMillen, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Montgomery, Isaiah T., 1847-1924 (Part II)
by Neil R. McMillen, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Paving the Trace
Jack D. Elliott Jr., Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
Reconstruction in Mississippi, 1865-1876
by Jason Phillips, Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

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