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Civil War: Vicksburg During the Civil War (1862-1863): A Campaign; A Siege
by Michael B. Ballard, archivist in Mississippi State University’s Mitchell Memorial Library.
Constitutions of Mississippi
by John Ray Skates, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Corinth in the Civil War
By Timothy B. Smith, Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Martin.
Cotton and the Civil War
by Eugene R. Dattel, economic historian.
Cotton in a Global Economy: Mississippi (1800-1860)
by Eugene R. Dattel, economic historian.
Farmers, the Populist Party, and Mississippi (1870–1900)
by Kenneth G. McCarty, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Forks of the Road Slave Market at Natchez
by Jim Barnett, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and H. Clark Burkett, Historic Jefferson College.
Gaines, George Strother (1784-1873):
by Gene C. Fant Jr., Ph.D., Union University, Jackson, Tennessee.
Grand Opera House of Mississippi
by Dennis J. Mitchell, Ph.D., Mississippi State University, Meridian.
Great Migration to the Mississippi Territory, 1798-1819
by Charles Lowery, Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

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