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The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion

The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, first occupied in 1842, is the second oldest official executive residence in continuous use in the United States. Designed in the Greek Revival style by architect William Nichols, the building was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975. Courtesy, Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

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Governors of Mississippi From 1817 to Present

David Holmes, 1817-1820
George Poindexter, 1820-1822
Walter Leake, 1822-1825
Gerard Chittocque Brandon, 1825-1826
David Holmes, 1826
Gerard Chittocque Brandon, 1826-1832
Abram M. Scott, 1832-1833
Charles Lynch, 1833
Hiram G. Runnels, 1833-1835
John Anthony Quitman, 1835-1836
Charles Lynch, 1836-1838
Alexander Gallatin McNutt, 1838-1842
Tilghman Mayfield Tucker, 1842-1844
Albert Gallatin Brown, 1844-1848
Joseph W. Matthews, 1848-1850
John Anthony Quitman, 1850-1851
John Isaac Guion, 1851
James Whitfield, 1851-1852
Henry Stuart Foote, 1852-1854
John Jones Pettus, 1854
John J. McRae, 1854-1857
William McWillie, 1857-1859
John Jones Pettus, 1859-1863
Charles Clark, 1863-1865
William Lewis Sharkey, 1865
Benjamin Grubb Humphreys, 1865-1868
Adelbert Ames, 1868-1870
James Lusk Alcorn, 1870-1871
Ridgley Ceylon Powers, 1871-1874
Adelbert Ames, 1874-1876
John Marshall Stone, 1876-1882
Robert Lowery, 1882-1890
John Marshall Stone, 1890-1896
Anselm Joseph McLaurin, 1896-1900
Andrew Houston Longino, 1900-1904
James Kimble Vardaman, 1904-1908
Edmond Favor Noel, 1908-1912
Earl Leroy Brewer, 1912-1916
Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, 1916-1920
Lee Maurice Russell, 1920-1924
Henry Lewis Whitfield, 1924-1927
Dennis Murphree, 1927-1928
Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, 1928-1932
Martin S. (Mike) Conner, 1932-1936
Hugh Lawson White, 1936-1940
Paul Burney Johnson Sr., 1940-1943
Dennis Murphree, 1943-1944
Thomas Lowry Bailey, 1944-1946
Fielding L. Wright, 1946-1952
Hugh Lawson White, 1952-1956
James Plemon (J. P.) Coleman, 1956-1960
Ross Robert Barnett, 1960-1964
Paul Burney Johnson Jr., 1964-1968
John Bell Williams, 1968-1972
William Lowe (Bill) Waller Sr., 1972-1976
Charles Clifton (Cliff) Finch, 1976-1980
William Forrest Winter, 1980-1984
William A. (Bill) Allain, 1984-1988
Ray Mabus, 1988-1992
Daniel Kirkwood (Kirk) Fordice, 1992-2000
David Ronald (Ronnie) Musgrove, 2000-2004
Haley Reeves Barbour, 2004-2012
Phil Bryant, 2012-2016

Mississippi Official and Statistical Register

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